Thursday, March 02, 2006

now THIS is an abomination

Courtesey Pandagon:

Lawsuit: gay man dies after cop prevents CPR

"Claude Green, Jr. had a heart attack while driving with a friend, Billy Snead, in Welch, West Virginia. When Snead tried to perform CPR on his friend, the officer that came to the scene, Chief of Police Robert K. Bowman stopped Snead from doing so, and Green died.


When Snead didn’t stop the CPR, Bowman grabbed Snead by the shoulders and physically barred Snead from continuing CPR at a critical point in Green’s resuscitation. Snead, who had not realized at first that Bowman was a police officer, obeyed his commands.


While they were putting Green in the ambulance, Bowman informed EMS workers that Green was HIV positive. Although the EMS workers ignored Bowman’s warnings and performed CPR on Green, he passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. He did not have HIV. The court papers said that Bowman based his assumption that Green was HIV+ because he knew Green was gay."

When is this going to stop?


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