Tuesday, February 28, 2006

and a very fat tuesday to you as well

Today I woke up around 1pm and remembered that IHOP was giving away free pancakes. Being a man of ravenous taste, especially in the mornin--er, afternoon, I mean, I decided to go and get me some flapjacks.

Apparently those wily papists have a tradition of eating pancakes today, and IHOP -- being America's largest purveyor of artery-clogging goodness -- was giving them out for free. So, I spent fat tuesday getting fatter. It was the best free brunch that I've ever had, and the only one I've ever had, too. So I guess that makes it the best?

Afterwards I drove over to my friend Bob's house to chit-chat. Bob and Bill (one of my coworkers) and Bob's girlfriend were putting in a new firepit in their backyard when I arrived. I couldn't wait to tell them about the amazing free pancakes that I had just eaten. They were less than thrilled, I guess. Something about not wanting to repent of gluttony come tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, they reminded me that it's Ash Wednesday. Being raised Evangelical, I was brought up to believe that Ash Wednesday is one of those bizarre unbiblical mystery rituals that The Catholics did. (Note that in Fundamentalist parlance, Catholic people are never individual "people", they're always The Catholics. Kinda like Reagan talking about The Russians.) I asked Bob if he was going to get the Ash thing done tomorrow.

"Of course." he said

"But why?" I asked, "You're an atheist, aren't you?"

"C'mon GB," he snorted, "Being an atheist is no reason not to be a good Catholic."

Happy Lent, everybody!


At 3/04/2006 2:54 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Being an atheist is no reason not to be a good Catholic.

Wise and weird words!

xyppecc -- the ashes that fall down in your eyes on Ash Wednesday and you wonder if that is a sign


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